Nov 19, 2009

Waiting means we believe the future will come.

If you stop to think, when we wait for something it is implicit acknowledgement that we expect the future to happen. In other words, we have an expectation of a future event. This is an awesome advance for a species to make. To have a brain big enough to imagine a future is really different. Most creatures on earth live for the moment. (Ironically, an entire industry now exists to help people live in the moment.) People, most likely when we learned to throw, learned to predict the future. This brought us into the future in more ways than one.

  • Waiting, the beginning of planning.

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Santa Erik said...

From Lauren on FaceBook:
Erik, do you think there are some people who have difficulty understanding the beauty of the moment because they are always waiting for something? Or is that waiting without the planning part? Also--should the idea of waiting/planning be balanced against other factors, such as physical aging, that could potentially prevent the realization of the waited for event? Or am I completely off track with what you are talking about--always a possibility with me.

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