Nov 27, 2009

Gifts: Giving w/o spending.

For years the frenzy of holiday purchasing ramped up. More each year. Last year retailers sold less than in 2007. Now, predictions for national retailers is another drop for 2009. But, small, independent, locals seem to be growing. There is another aspect of this change that can't be measured by retail sale. The new gift paradigm. Gifts of ideas, gifts of technology -not gadgets, processes or techniques- and the gifts of understanding; these uplift the soul, enhance the culture, and degrade the toxic effects of compulsive consumption.

When I started to write about patience about 10 days ago I was not completely sure where the topic would go. Now, as the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas (a season we called Advent when I was young) starts w/ the ghastly named Black Friday, I realize patience is just another intangible gift that can be recycled and repurposed and regifted. You can teach yourself and others to be patient. Simple techniques like breathing thru your nose or sipping rather than gulping when you thirst can build your ability delay gratification of your desires.

Gifts of intention, reflection, will-power, integrity, passion, respect, and commitment are often more appreciated than you would think when you present them with dignity and understanding.
  • Try a new gift paradigm today!
  • Share your ideas with me and other who read my blog.
The Wisdom of Santa

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Mrs Hartman said...

This year I had the great nieces take photos of the family at Thanksgiving. I also set up the web cam and had everyone do some self portraits. I'm cropping, coloring, and manipulating using GIMP. I may collage some of them. Then I'll print and frame with secondhand frames. Everyone will get an assortment of family photos to hang on their walls.

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