Mar 10, 2011

Irony in our country!


The political elite atop the GOP consolidates it's minority ruling party status by pitting union workers against TeaParty patriots in a cynical ploy to destroy government institutions in place since the Great Crash of '29 since none of us really remember it very well. Meanwhile the class elite, the rich, increase their wealth and consolidate their standing astride the backs of hard working Americans & the wanna-be-rich suffer the consequences of trying to enter the rarified world of monied elite; all on the pages of my morning paper! 

Why is that man in the picture on page 1A bowing his head? Because he knows he has betrayed his family, his constituents, and his state in a cynical political maneuver.

Shame should be on all these leaders but, certainly FoxNews will call it a victory for democracy!

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